Bright WiFi is Made For MikroTik

Bright WiFi hotspots and residential services are all supported and made to work with MikroTik Routerboard hardware. Routerboard devices provide a diverse feature set at an affordable price and are the preferred option for deploying services powered by the Bright WiFi system.

As part of our tight integration with the MikroTik products, we offer a deployment tool that allows resellers to provision devices out of the box with minimal user input, as well as continual monitoring and configuration via our system which talks with the devices via the MikroTik API.

For users who are familiar with the MikroTik product, becoming a reseller gives you access to control your devices via our portal but still retain your winbox access to each device if required. We even have a winbox helper utility that allows instant login to a winbox session via the Bright WiFi portal!


Bright WiFi works with all Routerboard routers running RouterOS version 6.33 or newer.

Interested in getting access? Click the link below to find out more about partnering with Bright WiFi – our reseller partners receive a fully white-labeled system and access to all of the features shown on our site plus the ability to help us shape future changes.

Demonstrations and Screenshots