Managed Wi-Fi

Our dashboard gives you a one-screen network snapshot, allowing you to manage the profitability of your bandwidth consumption.

Total data downloaded and sales are available in real time, but it’s our sales and data uasage forecasting tools that help avoid any nasty ISP surprises at the end of the month.

Brighter Data & Analytics

Our unique cloud based software enables management of multiple organisations in different locations simultaneously via a tiered management permission system.

All reports are able to be fully exported as Excel spreadsheets or PDFs, and our extensive APIs enable our portal to seamlessly integrate with your existing POS/CRM/business management system.

Flexible Usage Plans

Specified users can forecast and manage Wi-Fi sales, data usage and even control how content is accessed and by whom.

Usage plans are as flexible and scalable as your business needs, along with variable free and paid payment plans that can be tailored to best suit your business needs.