Customised Login Page

As the Bright Analytics portal accumulates valuable visitor data, Bright Wi-Fi marketing helps you use that information to activate tailored promotions, offers and information to your customers. With our easy drop and drag design software you can build a customised splash page with images, logos, terms and conditions and traditional/social media login.

Mobile Billboard and E-Marketing

Identify, segment, target and customise offers to your audience with deeper visitor insights. Treat your splash page as a mobile billboard attracting third party advertisers or event sponsorship. Reward loyalty and attract new business with e-vouchers. Offer real time personalised e-coupon discounts based on social media profiles or visitor behaviour.

Improve Social Engagement

Gain a better understanding of your social media engagement. Track and improve your business’s social profile through reviews, shares, likes and follows. Most importantly give visitors offers and information that’s relevant and adds value to their interaction with your brand.

Advertising Campaign Tracking

If you sell your splash page to third party advertisers or event sponsors you can review its effectiveness with Bright ad campaign tracking analytics. Review total impressions and click through rates, even down to the devices on which the ads were viewed.