Hotel guests now rate free WiFi as one of the most important amenities when searching for a room. In fact, a global survey by found free WiFi came a close second to a complimentary breakfast. That’s great – your customers value free WiFi! But as the saying goes, ask not what your customers can do with free WiFi, but what free WiFi can do for you.

Turnkey WiFi Solution

Retro fit into your existing WiFi network and internet connection or we can custom build you a network from scratch.

Monetise your WiFi

Monitor and manage the profitability of your WiFi with tiered bandwidth plans, real time revenue and usage reporting, as well as forecasting across multiple locations.


Our interactive guest portal enables you to promote food & beverage, in-house amenities and special offers.


Modular architecture means your Wi-Fi is platform and geographically scalable to your requirements.


Our flexible pricing and billing plans allow creative billing strategies based on duration, download allocation, bandwidth speed and number of users.

Tiered Management

Our tiered management permission system allows hierarchical access, reporting and approval.

Social Media Presence

Encourage reviews through Tripadvisor quick links, incentivise guests to ‘check in’ via Facebook along with shares, like and follows.

Data Capture

Gather valuable marketing insights about your guests including age, gender and location. Grow a stronger, qualified digital database with opt in email addresses.

Targeted Marketing

Offer promotions relevant to the individual guest based on their Wi-Fi social/Wi-Fi analytics profile, and target them in real time, with location specific offers