The transport industry has been an early adoptor and avid consumer of Bright WiFi’s robust solution. From airports to ferry, bus and train terminals, travelers with down time are looking for a reliable, safe WiFi platform to check their emails or update their social status.

Terminal administration can take advantage of this captive audience by keeping them informed and even entertained as they wait for the next leg of their journey.

Real-Time Updates

Important travel updates and security notifications can be sent in real-time.

Easy Navigation

Easier navigation from the taxi rank to the boarding platform with Wayfinder apps and GPS mapping, travellers can even locate their friends before they board.


Leverage off the opportunity to expose large brands to a high volume, captive audience through splash page sponsorship.

Real-Time Offers

Retailer promotional offers can be pushed in real time (breakfast/lunch/dinner specials timed accordingly).

Quick Links

Quick links to popular travel sites such as Trip Advisor help the traveller organise last minute details while they wait.


Understanding the habits of travelers as they digitally interact can assist in the improvement of terminal amenities and services.